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Application Notes

You can find here some examples of applications for our electrodes and potentiostats. The application notes and the corresponding method files can be downloaded on this page.

synchronized measurements with the MultiPalmSens4

This application note describes how to use the MultiPalmSens4 as a polypotentiostat, i.e. multiple working electrodes share one reference and one counter electrode in one cell.

synchronized measurements with the MultiPalmSens4

Vitamin C Detection with ItalSens IS-C

This application note describes how to create a calibration for quantitative measurements of vitamin C. Due to the detailed description and harmless solutions this an excellent electrochemical experiment with liquids for beginners in the field of electrochemistry.

Vitamin C Detection with ItalSens IS-C

Impact of Noise on DPV and SWV

In this application note the influence of noise on a measurement using a differential pulse technique is demonstrated.

Impact of Noise on DPV and SWV

Sensit Smart: How to Connect Cables

In this application note it is described how to connect your electrodes via cables to the Sensit Smart utilizing the included screw terminal adaptor.

Sensit Smart How to Connect Cables

Sensit Smart: Glucose Calibration Curve

In this application note the glucose sensitive electrodes A-AC-PAC-203-G by Z&P and the Sensit Smart are used to collect data for a calibration curve.

Sensit Smart Glucose Calibration Curve

EmStat Pico: Embedded Electrochemistry with a Miniaturized, Software-Enabled, Potentiostat System on Module

This is an article published by Analog Devices on their website about the EmStat Pico its advantages and application examples. You can find the web version here

EmStat Pico: Embedded Electrochemistry…

Galvanic Isolation in Applications

A frequently asked question is “Do I need the Galvanic Isolation option?”. In this application note the term galvanic isolation is explained as well as the different options for our devices. Furthermore, common applications for galvanic isolation are presented.

Galvanic Isolation in Applications

OCP with MUX8-R2

The multiplexer MUX8-R2 offers the possibility to record reliable Open Circuit Potential (OCP) measurements in the Alternating mode, which allows to monitor the OCP of multiple samples / working electrodes over time with a single potentiostat. This is a significant improvement compared to its predecessors MUX8 and MUX16.
In this application note it is demonstrated how to setup and perform an OCP measurement with the MUX8-R2 in the Alternating mode.

OCP with MUX8-R2 

Measuring Naphthol with carbon electrodes (IS-1)

The screen printed carbon electrodes by ItalSens IS-1 have been characterized by measuring naphthol, but can also be used for quantification of naphthol.

Test procedure for IS-1 graphite electrodes by measuring naphthol

Methods for IS-1 ItalSens Graphite Sensor Naphthol

Mercury Analysis using ItalSens gold electrodes (IS-Au)

Mercury is poisonous and present in many other metal resources. Due to mining activities it also present in ground water, rivers, lakes and oceans. Gold surfaces form alloys with mercury thus allowing stripping voltammetry.

Mercury Analysis using the ItalSens Au Sensor

IS-Au Hg Detection all in one bundle

Au conditioning bundle

Heavy Metal Detection in River Water using ItalSens heavy metal electrodes (IS-HM)

Heavy metals poison every year still thousands of people. Observing the quality of our drinking and food is an important application for electrochemical sensors.

Heavy Metal Analysis of River Water using the ItalSens HM1 sensors

HM1 conditioning bundle

HM1 standard addition river water

complete Analysis HM1 standard addition river water with curves 

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