Product Description

A high quality single use 3-electrode sensor

Lan Printech S.L. was created in 2016 with the impulse of the Functional Print Cluster  (Grouping of Innovative Companies in Functional and Additive Printing) and consultancy from AEGRAN (Association of Graphic Arts Entrepreneurs of Navarre). Due to their combined experience they produce high quality screen print electrodes.

In 2018 LanPrinTech acquired the designs developed by SunChemcial’s Brand Gwent, who stopped low quantity production of electrodes. Together with this knowledge and the support by the SunChemical printing department LanPrinTech could further broaden their spectrum of electrodes offered. 

The LP-3.12D1.AL.500, formally known as GG1 under the Gwent Group, has a carbon working electrode, a carbon counter electrode and a reference electrode made from silver.  The substrate is alumina ceramic.

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