Product Description

This thin-film sensor has a  two interdigitated working electrodes, a reference, a working electrode and has a microchannel integrated

Thin-film technologies enable the fabrication of microelectrodes (<25 µm) with high resolution and precision. The interdigitated electrodes (IDE) provide a suitable tool specially useful for impedance, capacitance and conductivity measurements as well as fuel cells. The more advanced InterDigitated microelectrodes Array (IDA) consist of two individually addressable microelectrode array strips with an interdigitated approach and a reference as well as counter electrode.  The microelectrodes are available in different sizes and materials (platinum or gold).

The channel can be filled by using a flow cell and a pump or just by putting a droplet on the inlet and capillary forces will fill the channel.

The platinum layer is 150 nm thick on 50 nm titanium. The cell has a diameter 3.5 mm. There are 15 pairs of 10 µm wide electrodes. The gap between the electrodes is 10 µm. 

Please note that one of the Micrux cells is necessary to connect the electrode.

More Information is available at the specifications tab or here.

Thin-layer microfluidic interdigitated microelectrode array TL-IDA1-Pt


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