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PalmSens Knowledgebase

EmStat Pico Development board


App note – EmStat Pico module for Bio-FET application

Field-effect transistor-based biosensors have drawn attentions due to its potential for small-scale, low cost, high-throughput and sensitive devices. Applications based on Bio-FET include, but not limited to, ion sensing, detection of DNA hybridization and protein binding.


App Note – pH Measurement using EmStat Pico

This article shows the ease of integration of the device into a system and demonstrates the range of applications of the potentiostat module by detailing three different electrochemical measurements: OCP (pH), cyclic voltammetry, and EIS.


App Note – Change Bluetooth on Pico dev board

This tutorial describes how to change the settings of the LAIRD BT900 Bluetooth module on the EmStat Pico development board.


App Note – Arduino MKR Zero with EmStat Pico dev board

This document describes how to connect an Arduino MKR Zero to the EmStat Pico development board

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