OEM services

Market-ready solution

In specific situations it is most cost-effective and commercially interesting to out-source software and/or hardware development to us. Especially if speed is an issue. PalmSens can do software development for you or change its existing hardware so that it matches perfectly with your electrochemical (sensor) application. We’re offering this service starting at low quantities.

Software development

In case our hardware is used for a specific application we can provide customised software with our hardware. This can be software for Windows, a mobile app or customised embedded code for interfacing with a 3rd party logic device for example. Source code will always be made available (except the source code of our standard libraries used with the software.)
Contact us for more information about possibilities.

Hardware development

Based on our existing instruments and hardware like EmStat or EmStat Blue we’re able to develop an end-user device bearing your logo within a short amount of time. Special interfaces to your sensor design can be made for small quantities using 3D printing.
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PalmSens BV has multiple OEM projects with satisfied customers. Many of these projects have to be treated confidential, but two of our OEM customers gave us reports and the permission to publish these.

Gensoric is a German company. They created an electrochemical system, which allows a very precise control of the elctrode’s surface temperature.

Gensoric Thermalab Report


Tübitak Bilgem is a Turkish Research Institute. They created a small multisampler system with an automated electrochemical immunoassay integrated.

Tübitak Bilgem MiSens