Hardware development

EmStat modules for electrochemistry

PalmSens BV provides small OEM modules (PCB’s) for integration. PalmSens BV is capable of providing large quantities of EmStat modules at competitive prices. EmStat is therefore an economical choice for embodiment into your final product. Our selection of software libraries for different platforms will help you reduce development time to a minimum.

The EmStat module comes in two version:

 EmStat3 moduleEmStat3+ module
maximum current20 mA100 mA
dc-compliance voltage±5 V±8 V
dc-potential range± 3 V± 4 V
measured dc-potential resolution100 µV125 µV
applied dc-potential accuracy≤ 0.2 %
< 2 mV offset
≤ 0.2 %
< 3 mV offset
applied dc-potential resolution100 µV125 µV
current ranges1 nA to 10 mA
(8 ranges)
1 nA to 100 mA
(9 ranges)
measured current resolution0.1% of current range0.1% of current range
max. scan rate5 V/s
with 5 mV step
5 V/s
with 5 mV step

See page EmStat module for more information.


The EmStat3 modules can be used with MUX8 or MUX16 multiplexers. These multiplexer allow the usage of a single PalmSens or EmStat Blue with up to 8 or 16 electrochemical cells, by switching between the different cells. A great way to raise efficiency.