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Unboxing the EmStat Pico Development Kit

Together with Analog Devices Inc., PalmSens now proudly presents the EmStat Pico: the world smallest potentiostat module available on the market. The EmStat Pico potentiostat modu...


Unboxing the Sensit BT

The Sensit BT is a battery powered potentiostat with an integrated Bluetooth connection. Join us while we have a look inside the box of the Sensit BT. Right after unboxing a Cycli...


Demonstration of Caffeine Measurements

Caffeine is a widespread psychoactive substance. Most people consume it regularly in coffee, tea, energy drinks, cola, or similar beverages. It is also used in some medications to...


EmStat Pico Reliability Report

This report describes the tests performed on the EmStat Pico to confirm the reliability and evaluate the accelerated lifetime.


Introduction to electrochemical sensing – Tutorial

The first part of this presentation contains how electrochemistry works and how it can be used for sensing applications. The second half explains what a potentiostat is and which applications are suitable for the EmStat Pico potentiostat offered by PalmSens. Details of the EmStat Pico’s capabilities will be shown, as well as instructions on how to use it.

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