PalmSens Privacy Policy

Area of application

This data protection declaration and legal notice apply to this website and domains. They do not apply to websites and domains for PalmSens companies which, for example, have amended data protection declarations and legal information due to national legislation. Therefore, please note the respective data protection declarations and legal notices of all PalmSens websites you visit or programs you use.

In some cases, PalmSens websites also contain links to the websites of third party, non-PalmSens companies, to which these data protection statement and legal notices do not apply.

Data we collect

PalmSens collects only data that is willingly given and use cookies to improve your experience on PalmSens Websites.
PalmSens want to give you as much control as possible over your personal information. Normally, you can access PalmSens websites without providing any personal information.

However, in certain areas of the PalmSens websites, you are requested to provide us with personal information in order to contact you with further information, e.g. specification sheets, advice, prices or an offer. Any personal information you submit is treated as confidential and is saved and processed exclusively within the scope of the relationship between you and PalmSens and will not be used for marketing purposes, sold or otherwise made available to third parties without your prior approval.

We use different technologies e.g. to measure the use and efficacy of a website, for authentication or to simplify website navigation. Cookies are one such technology. A cookie is a data element which a website sends to your browser. The cookie is saved on your system as an identifying piece of information which identifies your system.
Most browsers are now set by default to accept cookies automatically. However, you can also limit the use of cookies via your browser setting. We recommend that you accept cookies because cookies enable you to use several of the functions on our websites. Not accepting cookies may disrupt necessary functions on our websites.

Visitors’ IP addresses are captured on our websites for the analysis of malfunctions, the administration of the website and the attainment of demographic characteristics. Furthermore, we use IP addresses and, as necessary, other information which you have made available to us on this website or by other means to find out which of our websites are being visited and what topics interest our visitors.

Storing, Processing and transfer of personal information

However, as part of the provision of our services, your information may under certain circumstances be transferred to third parties who we have included in order processing, e.g. business partners or IT service providers. In the transfer of personal information to these third parties, we restrict ourselves to the information which is necessary for the provision of the service in question and we ensure that this transfer is carried out in compliance with the required data security.

In addition, PalmSens may be forced to disclose your information and associated data in order to comply with a legal or official decree. Likewise, we reserve the right to use your information for the assertion of or defence against legal claims.

In the event of a takeover or merger with another company, it may be necessary to disclose or transfer your data to potential or actual buyers. In this case, PalmSens will aspire to the highest possible level of data protection and will comply with the legal stipulations.
Information on data security
PalmSens knows how important it is that the information you provide to us via the internet be handled discreetly and protected. Data security on our websites is a top priority. We have therefore made great efforts to ensure that our online security measures are effective. Thus essential data traffic with PalmSens websites is encrypted. PalmSens endeavours to update its encryption technology on a continuous basis in line with technical progress, in order to guarantee that the information you send us over the Internet is treated confidentially.