The open source potentiostat of PalmSens makes it possible to continue using your own spreadsheet software. Software you are familiar with and software which may be linked to other software used by your company.

What is an open source potentiostat used for?

An open source potentiostat is used mainly in electrochemistry. For example, electrochemical researchers want to show how much lead there is in the drinking water, how much iron there is in blood or investigate how rainwater affects the surface of a certain metal (e.g. resulting inrusting).

Different types of open source potentiostats

There are several types of open source potentiostats used by electrochemical researchers.

  • Most researchers at a university or laboratory use an open source potentiostat to detect all sorts of possible substances in fluid (for example, the PalmSens4)
  • There are also open source potentiostats that are only used to detect one particular substance. PalmSens therefore makes it easy to customize your OEM potentiostats.
  • The small portable EmStat potentiostat of PalmSens is designed to make simple measurements in different fluids. The EmStat is also an open source potentiostat.

Open Source Potentiostat Prices

Potentiostats are usually very pricey. However, PalmSens managed to develop a series of open source potentiostats that are highly affordable, especially for the given specifications.

Put it on the test and compare the specifications of our open source potentiostats with those of other manufacturers. Email us for a quotation or call us to discuss the possibilities for your research with us.