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  • WE Material: Gold
  • Surface Modifications: Blank
  • Brand: BVT
  • CE Material: Gold
  • Number of WEs: 1
  • Electrode System: CE + RE + WE
  • RE Material: Silver and Silver Chloride
  • Support Material: Alumina Ceramic
  • Ø of the disc WE / mm: 1
  • Support Dimensions / mm: 7 by 25
This product has a minimum quantity of 20


A basic design of a thick film electrode with a lot of possible combinations

BVT offers the AC1 design in many different variants. This basic 3-electrode-system comes usually with the same material for working and counter electrode.

The possible materials are:

W1 Au;W2 Pt; W3 Ag; W4 C; WS Au-Pt-alloy

The reference electrode offers three different materials:

R1 Ag/AgCl mixed – a nice basic reference electrode

R2 Ag covered with AgCl – shows a higher stability

RS Ag -these give a stable potential in chloride solution but can also be used a pseudo reference electrode

The electrodes are named in the pattern AC1.Wn.Rm with n and m being 1, 2, 3, 4, or S. Additionally a Dw = 2 mm may indicate a larger working electrode.

More information is available in the specifications tab or at the product’s website.



WE geometric area

WE material

Amount of WEs

Surface modification

Combined RE and CE

CE material

RE material

Support material

Support dimensions / mm

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