• WE Material: Gold
  • Surface Modifications: Blank
  • Brand: BVT
  • CE Material: Gold
  • Number of WEs: 1
  • Electrode System: CE + RE + WE
  • RE Material: Silver and Silver Chloride
  • Support Material: Alumina Ceramic
  • Ø of the disc WE / mm: 1
  • Support Dimensions / mm: 7 by 25
This product has a minimum quantity of 20

Product Description

A basic design of a thick film electrode with a lot of possible combinations

BVT offers the AC1 design in many different variants. This basic 3-electrode-system comes usually with the same material for working and counter electrode.

The possible materials are:

W1 Au;W2 Pt; W3 Ag; W4 C; WS Au-Pt-alloy

The reference electrode offers three different materials:

R1 Ag/AgCl mixed – a nice basic reference electrode

R2 Ag covered with AgCl – shows a higher stability

RS Ag -these give a stable potential in chloride solution but can also be used a pseudo reference electrode

The electrodes are named in the pattern AC1.Wn.Rm with n and m being 1, 2, 3, 4, or S. Additionally a Dw = 2 mm may indicate a larger working electrode.

More information is available in the specifications tab or at the product’s website.



BVT Technologies

WE geometric area

0.79 mm²

WE Material


Amount of WEs


Surface Modification


Combined RE and CE


CE Material


RE Material

Silver and Silver Chloride

Support Material

Alumina Ceramic

Support Dimensions / mm

7 by 25

Possible applications

Electrolysis, Modifictaion with biomolecules (e.g. immunosensor, DNA), self-assembled monolayers (thiol on gold) or similar, Detection of redox active species