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This product has a minimum quantity of 5


An advanced design of a thick film electrode with 8 working electrodes

BVT offers the AC9 design in many different variants. This array with 8 working electrodes and a huge combined reference and counter electrode can be ordered with different materials for the electrodes.

Please note that a special connector is needed to connect these Electrodes to a MUX8 or EmStatMUX8.

The possible materials are:

W1 Au; W2 Pt; W3 Ag; W4 C;WS Au-Pt-alloy

The reference electrode offers three different materials:

W1 Ag/AgCl mixed – a nice basic reference electrode

W2 Ag covered with AgCl -shows a higher stability

WS Ag – these give a stable potential in chloride solution but can also be used a pseudo reference electrode

The electrodes are named in the pattern AC9.Wn.Rm with n and m being 1, 2 or S.


More information is available in the specifications tab or at the product’s website.


WE material

Surface modification


Amount of WEs

CE material

Electrode system

Combined RE and CE

Ø of the disc WE / mm

WE geometric area

RE material

Support material

Support dimensions / mm

Possible analytes

Possible applications