A polypotentiostat with 4 working electrodes, that makes parallel measuring of multiple electrodes in one electrochemical cell possible.

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Product Description

With this polypotentiostat one electrochemical cell can be equipped with 1, 2, 3 or 4 working electrodes and all of these will be measured parallel. The EmStat3-4WE consists of a standard EmStat3 potentiostat and additionally three polypotentiostat (bipotentiostat-like) modules.
All techniques supported by EmStat3 are available for the EmStat3-4WE.

Available modes

The additional WE’s can each individually be used in two different modes:

  1. The potential of the additional WE has a constant dc-potential offset with respect to WE1, i.e. it is following the potential change of WE1.
  2. The potential of the additional WE has an independent fixed dc-potential.
Each potentiostat has eight current ranges: 1 nA to 10 mA with a resolution of 1 pA at the lowest current range and can automatically select the optimal current range.
A cell can be setup with one reference and one counter electrode or one combined reference and counter electrode.


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