Micrux Promo Pack

5x5 different electrodes without minimum order quanity

  • This Promo Pack contains 5x5 electrodes of your choice. 
  • Mix from all the Micrux electrodes
  • No minimum order quantity
PalmSens usually responds to your quotation request within one business day.


Test different Micrux electrodes with one order, no minimum order quantity will apply.

This Promo Pack contains 5×5 electrodes of your choice. It also includes a Micrux Drop Cell Connector or a Micrux All In One Cell.

The advantage is that you can mix five different types of Micrux electrodes and there is no minimum order quantity. So if you need platinum interdigitated electrodes, you can try all three different patterns or even the ones with a reference and counter electrode, without ordering 50 of each kind. Feel free to browse through the electrode inside PalmSens catalog.

Please specify the 5×5 electrodes of your choice in the comment section of the quote request form.


WE material


Surface modification


Amount of WEs


CE material


Electrode system

Combined RE and CE


Ø of the disc WE / mm

WE geometric area

RE material


Support material

Support dimensions / mm

Possible applications

Possible analytes

Micrux cell connector


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