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Thin-film microelectrode arrays ED-mSE-10-Au

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This thin-film sensor’s working electrode is covered with a photo resist that has 10 µm pinholes that form an array of ultramicroelectrodes.

The Micrux Thin-Film electrodes are reusable and need only 1 to 5 µL measuring solution to be operated. The microelectrode arrays are available with platinum or gold electrodes. The WE material is sputtered on a 50 nm thick layer of  titanium and has a thickness of 150 nm, which is sufficient to show bulk behavior. The pinholes forming the ultramicroelectrodes have a diameter of 10 µm and the distance between the holes is 100 µm.

Please note that one of the Micrux cells is necessary to connect the electrode.

More Information is available at the specifications tab or here.


WE material

Surface modification


Amount of WEs

CE material

Electrode system

Combined RE and CE

WE geometric area

RE material

Support material

Support dimensions / mm

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