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PalmSens SDKs for .NET

Develop your own application in no time for use with any PalmSens, EmStat or Sensit device.

Discover the four different .NET SDKs

PalmSens SDKs for .NET

There are four PalmSens Software Development Kits (SDKs) for .NET. Each SDK can be used with any of our instruments or OEM potentiostat modules to develop your own software. The SDK’s come with a set of examples that shows how to use the libraries.

PalmSens SDKs with examples are available for the following .NET Frameworks:

Example projects

The example projects contain an open source wrapper for the PalmSens.Core.dll. This wrapper gives you quick and easy access to all the basic
functions of the potentiostat or potentiostat module and automatically handles most potential threading issues for you:

  • Connecting
  • Running measurements
  • Manual control of the cell
  • Accessing and processing measured data
  • Analyzing and manipulating data
  • Peak detection
  • Equivalent Circuit Fitting on impedance data
  • Saving and loading files
  • and more
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