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PalmSens4 diagnostics

Follow these instructions if your PalmSens4 does not give expected measurement results.

Running PalmSens4 self-diagnostics in PSTrace


  • PSTrace 5.8 or later (for the latest version go to the menu in PSTrace: Help > Check for updates)
  • PalmSens Dummy Cell with croc-clips and sensor cable (as shipped with PalmSens4)
  • PalmSens4 connected via USB-C cable with disconnected cell cable

Step 1: Start PSTrace and connect to the PalmSens4.

Step 2: In the main menu select Tools –> Instrument Settings

Step 3: Click the button “Self Diagnostics”

Step 4: Click the button “Run selected tests”

Step 5: Follow the given instructions

In case errors are shown, please click “Generate report” and send the report to .
Please send any other information that might be relevant.


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