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PalmSens4 recovery


Follow these instructions only if the PalmSens4 does not show as a “Programmable Device” in the device list:


If it shows as “Programmable Device”, continue with  Step 5.


Required tools:

  • Screwdriver: Torx 8
  • Paperclip

Step 1: Remove battery lid and battery

Step 2: Connect the PalmSens4 to USB

Connect the PalmSens4 to your PC with the USB cable. Place the PalmSens4 up-side-down on your desk.

Step 3: Short the two ‘Rst’ pads

Bend the paperclip in such a way that you can short the two ‘Rst’ pads in the battery compartment, as shown in the photo below.

Step 4: Unplug and plug back in

Remove the USB cable from the PalmSens4, wait a few seconds and then connect the PalmSens4 back to the PC again.

Step 5: Upload new firmware

  • Open PSTrace and go to menu: Tools >> Instrument Settings…
    and click button “Update firmware”.
  • You should see “Programmable Device” selected next to the “Connect” button.
  • Click “Connect”
  • Click “Browse” and select file “PalmSens4_firmware_v##.hex”

Make sure the text shows it is firmware suitable for PalmSens4.

  • Click “Start update firmware”
  • Wait until the Uploader gives the message “UPDATE COMPLETE” and close the window.

Step 6: Close housing

Connect the battery, place it back in its compartment and close the housing.


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