PalmSens 3

PalmSens3 is a small portable, powered potentiostat / galvanostat and impedance analyzer which can be used with all kinds of electrochemical cells and sensors.

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World's smallest electrochemical interface

EmStat is the smallest electrochemical interface available on the market. The EmStat series are general purpose potentiostats which are also highly suited for embedded use in applications.


Use your tablet or smartphone to control your PalmSens or Emstat. PStouch is the first commercially available electrochemistry app and the only one on the market. Download this Android app in the Google Play store to use with your EmStat or PalmSens and you have a portable handheld device that offers you research grade electrochemistry.


PalmSens BV cooperates with different producers of disposable and traditional electrochemical sensors. We can provide you with high quality enzyme based biosensors, sensitive sensors for heavy metal traces or just blank screen printed electrodes.

Elektrochemische Instrumente

PalmSens entwickelt und verkauft Instrumente für elektrochemische Anwendungen und Sensoren. Mit mehr als 10 Jahren Erfahrung und diversen Innovationen in der elektrochemischen Gemeinschaft haben wir uns auf kleine, tragbare Potentiostaten spezialisiert. PalmSens BV ist weiterhin spezialisiert auf OEM-Anwendungen so wie maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für Software und Elektronik.

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PalmSens is a battery-powered and handheld potentiostat / galvanostat / impedance analyzer. PalmSens can be used with almost all kind of electrochemical cells and sensors...

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EmStat is the smallest electrochemical interface available on the market. EmStat is a general purpose potentiostat, also available for embedded purposes...

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The MultiEmStat is a versatile multi potentiostat, with 4 to 12 individual channels...

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