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Electrochemical Interfaces

PalmSens develops and sells instruments for electrochemical applications and sensors.  With over 15 years experience and innovation within the electrochemical community we specialize in making small, portable potentiostats.

Partner of Analog Devices Inc.

PalmSens BV is specialized in OEM applications and customized solutions

The EmStat Pico, the world’s smallest embedded potentiostat module, is a joint development between PalmSens and Analog Devices.

More about our OEM applications

Worldwide Distribution

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PalmSens BV - The Netherlands
Agencias Nordicas - Rubio & Gras - Chile
Belltec Ing. Büro Glocke - Germany
Instrumentos de Medida, S.L. - Spain
ROTALAB Bilimsel Cihazlar Ltd.- Turkey
4D Sistem Tic Ltd Sti - Turkey
BVT Technologies - Czech Republic
Inventek Sp. z.o.o. (Perfect-Lab) - Poland
Analytical Measuring Systems (Pvt.)Ltd - Pakistan
Titan Technologies - Japan
Mebius Advanced Technology Ltd. - Japan
Palico Biotech Pte Ltd - Singapore


Our clients include: