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PalmSens SDK for MATLAB

MATLAB is used by many researchers at universities and research institutes to visualize and analyse data. With this SDK, you can control your PalmSens instrument and process the data in MATLAB. Connect, control and process data from your PalmSens instrument using MATLAB.

Download PalmSens SDK for MATLAB

Control your PalmSens instrument using MATLAB

With a graphical user interface in MATLAB, you can control the PalmSens instrument, receive data and plot the results.

On top of the user interface, you can connect your instrument. After selecting the desired electrochemical technique, you can adjust the parameters. Pressing test will run the experiment and plot the results in the right top corner. Communication with the device, shown in the bottom corner.

Import experimental results from PSTrace directly into MATLAB

You can use your saved data from PSTrace in MATLAB directly. This enables you to use the PSTrace software to set-up and run your experiments with our instruments and use MATLAB for your advanced data analysis projects.

Plot results in Nyquist and Bode plot

You can plot the results of your electrochemical experiment in a Nyquist and Bode plot to analyze the impedance of your electrochemical setup.

Try it yourself, using our MATLAB SDK.

Download PalmSens SDK for MATLAB


NameTypeLast updated
PalmSens SDK for MATLAB PalmSens Software libraries for use with Matlab. Can be used with all PalmSens instruments and EmStats. Includes: PalmSens.Core.Matlab library and Matlab sample code with GUI project25-11-20
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