Full Patch Notes for EmStat4 Firmware Update 1.3

Version 1.3.02

  • Fixed runtimes for versus time techniques could not exceed 4294 seconds.

Version 1.3.01

  • Limit current to max ~75 mA on ES4HR in order to protect Mux8R2

Version 1.3.00

  • Significantly improved measurement timing
  • Increased averaging sample rate to 1 MSPS
  • Made faster fast fixed-frequency EIS time-scans possible
  • Added new MethodSCRIPT commands:
    • Mux commands: mux_config , mux_get_channel_count , and mux_set_channel
      • AC Voltammetry (ACV) measurement technique: meas_loop_acv
      • Multi-Sine EIS (MSEIS) measurement technique: meas_ms_eis
      • Fast CA (FCA) measurement technique: meas_fast_ca
      • Alternating mux measurement techniques:
      • CA: meas_loop_ca_alt_mux
      • CP: meas_loop_cp_alt_mux
      • OCP: meas_loop_ocp_alt_mux
    • iR compensation: set_ir_comp
    • Modulo operation: mod_var
    • Alter the VarType of a MethodSCRIPT variable: alter_vartype
    • Output user notifications using the device LED: notify_led
    • Set scan direction for Cyclic Voltammetry (CV): set_scan_dir
  • Added support for limited string formatting
  • Added support for array access syntax
  • Disallowed commands that would interfere with measurment in meas_loop commands
  • Increased total mscript array entries from 32767 to 50000
  • Script execution no longer blocks when uncomplete line is received
  • Added mod_var command to calculate the modulo
  • Added CV reverse functionality
  • Implemented USB watchdog to recover from some Windows USB errors
  • MethodSCRIPT errors are now logged to file before if output to file was enabled
  • Added command to alter variable VarType
  • Added support for auto-incrementing number in file
  • Added EmStat4X support
  • Added support for multicharacter variable names
  • Various minor bugfixes

Version 1.2.03

Fixed D0 toggles when potential is set

Version 1.2.02

Changed pullups to be default on (was changed to default off unintentionally in 1.2.00)

Version 1.2.00

  • “set_gpio_cfg” command now returns error if configuration is invalid
  • Added configurable UART baudrate
  • Added support for limiting UART datarate
  • Default UART baudrate increased to 921600
  • Line number in error messages are now maintained when comments are used
  • Added “set_acquisition_frac_autoadjust” MethodSCRIPT command for filtering 50/60 Hz noise
  • MethodSCRIPT data packages are now buffered and only sent on the “pck_end” command
  • Added register to retrieve warnings
  • Fixed hibernate command
  • Added meas_fast_cv MethodSCRIPT command
  • Updated MethodSCRIPT version format to be consistent with documentation
  • EmStat4R support
  • Various bugfixes

Version 1.1.00:

  • Added support for alternate USB PID of ES4
  • Added RMS noise readout for measured MethodSCRIPT vars
  • Enhanced ranging algorithm to take noise into account
  • Added MES4 support (set_channel_sync command), multi device serial.
  • Added MUX8-R2 support
  • Added set_gpio_msk and, get_gpio_msk MethodSCRIPT commands
  • Added set_e_aux MethodSCRIPT command
  • Added lock to Non-Volatile-Memory for extra protection of factory settings
  • Fixed timing of first point for time based techniques
  • Added set_acquisition_frac command that allows more control over measurement timing
  • Added EIS MethodSCRIPT optional commands “eis_tdd”, “eis_acdc”
  • Minor fixes
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