Electrochemistry Conferences

5-7 Jun 2023
Berlin 🇩🇪
Bunsen-Tagung 2023
Recognizing that physical chemistry stands at the center of efforts to obtain a deeper understanding of materials and molecular processes involved in energy transformation that hold the keys to future technology innovation and development, the Deutsche Bunsen-Gesellschaft für physikalische Chemie and the organizing committee of this year’s Bunsen-Tagung are pleased to invite contributions describing recent research in physical chemistry either to the main topic of energy transformations or to the general topics of Physical Chemistry. Contributions covering fundamental or applied, experimental or theoretical work (and all combinations) are all highly appreciated. [...]
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7-7 Jun 2023
Haifa 🇮🇱
Israel Electrochemistry Meeting 2023
Electrochemistry is a thriving research field, bridging fundamental insights with critical applications in energy storage, environment, biosensors, and more.
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8-9 Jun 2023
Jinan City, Shandong Province 🇨🇳
The First Biosensing Symposium of the Chinese Chemical Society
Discussions on DNA chips and nucleic acid sensors, immune sensors, enzyme sensors, cell sensors, receptor sensors, nanosensors and analysis systems, single-cell analysis, bioelectronics and biofuel cells, commercial applications of biosensors, etc. To provide a scientific and technological cooperation and exchange platform with international cutting-edge science and technology and interdisciplinary features.
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2-7 Jul 2023
Beijing 🇨🇳
12th International Symposium on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
This symposium has evolved into one of the leading events in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy providing a unique opportunity to gather experts of different fields around this powerful technique. EIS2023 will mainly focus on EIS fundamentals, technologies and instruments, and its applications in corrosion, electrochemical energy conversion & storage, electrochemical reaction, analysis, and sensors.
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27-30 Aug 2023
Bussels 🇧🇪
4th European BioSensor Symposium 2023
The European BioSensor Symposium should bring together young and experienced scientists to discuss new insights in all aspects of biosensor research and related areas, to push forward cutting-edge ideas and interesting approaches, and to stimulate the scientific exchange between all groups and countries. Young researchers at the beginning of their careers are invited to present their most recent results, while seniors give introductions on special advanced aspects of biosensors, technology, and upcoming trends.
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27-31 Aug 2023
Brussels 🇧🇪
The European Corrosion Congress: EuroCorr
EUROCORR is the annual event of the European Federation of Corrosion. The main topic will be: “Driving corrosion prediction and protection towards a circular economy.”
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3-8 Sep 2023
Lyon 🇫🇷
Annual Meeting of the ISE
The annual meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) is one of the World's most important meetings for Electrochemists. All disciplines of electrochemistry are welcome.
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16-30 Sep 2023
Online 🇨🇭
2nd International Electronic Conference on Chemical Sensors and Analytical Chemistry
Chemical sensors are widely used as early warning systems due to their low cost, high accuracy, immunity to harsh environmental conditions, and other advantages, playing an ongoing and critical role in our society. The scope of this online conference is to gather well-known experts from around the world who are currently working in chemical sensor technologies and analytical chemistry and to provide an online forum for presenting and discussing new results. [...]
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20-22 Sep 2023
Vila Real 🇵🇹
Molecules 4Life
The first edition will be devoted to the interplay between new molecules, new molecular assemblies and Health Sciences, expecting to join participants from the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, bioengineering, biomedical sciences, and other related areas, from both academy and industry. The meeting is organized around four main topics: Molecules4…Drug Delivery, …Healthy Food, …Sensing and Diagnostic, …Therapeutics [...]
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