PSTrace does not start

PSTrace does not start, and a message appears containing the message: “Configuration system failed to initialize”.

Cause: The settings file got corrupted somehow and cannot be initialized.


Delete folder with settings file

Locate the folder starting with “PSTrace_” in  the following folder:

You easily open this path in the Run window by pressing [Windows key] + [r] and doing a copy+paste of the path into the Run window. Then press [enter].

Now delete the folder starting with “PSTrace_…” (for example PSTrace_5.9.exe_StrongName_e1hc40klob3umq35tdvhhbpcwgft4huy)

Please note that AppData is a hidden folder. Click here for more information about making hidden folders visible.


Start PSTrace

Start PSTrace. The settings will now be generated again using default values and the “General Settings” window will be shown first.