Educational Kit

The educational kit is delivered in combination with one of our potentiostats, 
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Product Description

The PalmSens Educational Kit it is designed as the foundation for an electrochemistry course, lab class or similar teaching events.

Save time

We know that teaching electrochemistry is the only way to give students the opportunity to discover a passion for that discipline, bring fresh ideas to this field of research and in the end secure the future of this science. Unfortunately educational institutes face more and more challenges these days. Lecturers and professors have to apply for projects and compete for funding, thus having little time left for course preparation. Teachers have to do management tasks and have very little support for implementing new topics into the curriculum.

Save on costs

PalmSens BV offers economical potentiostats that show research grade quality and capability. This makes our EmStat Series very suitable for teaching courses. The compact format of the EmStat also allows having multiple workstations even in very confined course rooms.

We combined our potentiostat with the necessary equipment and electrodes for a series of educational electrochemical experiments. To make sure that the instructor and students have the essential theoretical background for the experiments, we deliver a detailed teaching guide with the kit. The guide contains a general introduction to potentiostats, common electrodes and for each experiment a motivation, theoretical background and the instructions for the experiment. This is followed by expected results and additional information.

You are more than welcome to provide any feedback or even suggestions for other experiments. Just contact us.



EmStat3 Blue, PalmSens4, EmStat3


Required Knowledge

The teaching material was written for students who understand the very basic principles of electrochemistry:

  • reasons for an electrochemical potential (Nernst equation)
  • the electrochemical series
  • electrolysis

It is of course impossible to predict the electrochemical knowledge and experience of students and instructors. The course organizer or teacher might need to adjust the provided script with more explanations, deeper knowledge or abbreviate the script to reduce the difficulty level.


It is difficult to choose experiments that are suitable for every course. Some experiments were chosen with focus on theoretical background, others were chosen due to their application in quantitative analysis.

  • Copper and Nickel Deposition
  • The Cottrell Experiment
  • Cyclic Voltammetry
  • Detection of Multiple Heavy Metals by Stripping Voltammetry
  • Glucose Biosensor
  • Prussian Blue Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor


The kit is offered as a standard or deluxe version.

The standard kit includes:

  • An EmStat3 Blue with:
    • Bluetooth connection 
    • automated stirrer control
  • A retort stand with clamp
  • A beaker
  • A sensor connector
  • A magnetic stirrer
  • A switchbox
  • 20x BVT AC1.W1.RS
  • 20x IS-C sensors
  • 20x IS-HM sensors
  • Pt disc working electrode
  • A reference electrode (Ag/AgCl)
  • Pt wire counter electrode
  • Polishing tools
  • Teacher’s guide
  • Student’s instructions



Included Books

The Educational Kit by PalmSens BV has two books included:

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Student’s Guide

These books are similar and both contain:

  • A general introduction to potentiostats and electrodes
  • General trouble shooting
  • 6 different experiments
  • Goals for each experiment
  • An introduction for each experiment
  • Theoretical background for each experiment
  • An experimental part with detailed instructions for each experiment

The Teacher’s Guide additionally contains:

  • expected results
  • specific trouble shooting
  • further background knowledge

A preview of the Teacher’s Guide can be viewed here.