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Software development

We provide a libraries and code examples for different languages and platforms

The PalmSens Software Development Kits help you to develop for a desktop application, an Android or iOS app or even to embed a potentiostat module.

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Kickstart your electronics design

Gone are the days where your first prototype was never working. PalmSens helps you with a reference design, Altium library files and documentation. 

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Frequently asked questions

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What is the best approach to write my own software?

The best approach to develop your own software depends on the platform you are targeting. Please check the webpage “writing code for our hardware” for more information.

Do you also support Arduino?

The products based on the EmStat Pico and the EmStat4M can all be controlled via a microcontroller like an Arduino. You can find code for the Arduino on GitHub.

What is MethodSCRIPT?

MethodSCRIPT is the script language our latest generation of instruments and modules speak. Thanks to MethodSCRIPT, your software can easily communicate with PalmSens devices. Read more about MethodSCRIPT here.

Is there any software and electronics support?

Definitely, we have a Knowledge Base full of support articles, datasheets, application notes and videos. If you can’t find the answer to your question,  please write your questions in the contact form. We usually get back to you within one working day.