Spectroelectrochemistry Starter Kit

Gain more insight into electrochemistry with a spectrometer

  • Measure current, potential and spectrum simultaneously
  • Tested Spectroelectrochemistry setup
  • Synchronized measurements
  • Combine results in PSTrace
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Scientific methods can deliver a lot of information about your molecule, solution, or reaction, however, a single method will only provide a limited amount of information based on a single interaction, for example, light absorption, oxidation at an electrode, change of mobility, or movement of mass in an electric field.

For this reason, scientists try to create hyphenated techniques that allow observing the same system at the same time with multiple techniques. A popular hyphenated technique is spectroelectrochemistry, where electrochemical reactions or products are characterized by electrochemical methods, e.g., cyclic voltammetry (CV), and spectroscopy, e.g. UV-VIS. The information both techniques deliver is complementary as well. For example, an unstable product of electrochemical oxidation can be detected by spectroscopy before it decays.

This kit allows you to get started with spectroelectrochemistry in a convenient way. The spectroelectrochemistry application note will show you exactly how to connect the spectrometer to the potentiostat and operate the software to get your first results.


The Starter kit includes:

  • PalmSens4 potentiostat
  • Electrochemical Cell ItalSens K300 with wires soldered to the electrodes
  • cable to connect the potentiostat and the spectrometer
  • Easy-to-use PSTrace software



We have partnered with Avantes who can offer you:

  • Spectrometer AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-evo
  • Light source AvaLight-DHc
  • Fibers 2xd FC-UVIR600-1
  • Cuvette holder CUV-UV/VIS
  • Avasoft software

The full setup will look like this:

Photoelectrochemical cell

  • Cell Specifications:8 mm × 6.5 mm × 1 mm
  • Features: shaped like a cuvette, surrounded by light. Made of full quartz melt with PTFE lid.
  • Application: Suitable for electrochemical testing in the process of in situ UV – visible spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy and other spectral signal response.

Matching electrode: the Platinum mesh electrode as the working electrode, the platinum wire electrode as Counter electrode, the silver/silver chloride electrode as the reference electrode.

Methyl Viologen solution turning blue at the platinum mash due to the potential applied by the potentiostat.


Name Type Last updated
Spectroelectrochemistry Get more insight into electrochemistry by adding a spectrometer to your potentiostat. This application note describes how to perform spectroelectrochemistry with a PalmSens4 and an Avantes potentiostat. Application Note 02-12-21
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