EmStatMUX8-R2: USB powered potentiostat with integrated multiplexer

  • potential range: ± 3V or ± 4V
  • compliance voltage: ± 5V or ± 8V
  • current ranges:  1 nA – 100 mA
  • maximum current: ± 100 mA
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Product Description

The EmStat can be combined with a multiplexer forming one integrated instrument to perform measurements with multiple electrode systems. With the MUX8-R2 connecting arrays or other setups made of up to eight working electrodes in two or three electrode cell types is possible. If more channels are required, one or more MUX-R2 can be stacked to the EmStatMUX to add up to 128 channels.

The potentiostat is controlled as well as powered by USB and is used with PSTrace. The MUX can sample different cells at a rate of 25 ms/cell. Usually a method needs to be finished to switch the cell but the fast sampling per cell makes it possible to measure time depending techniques, e.g. chronoamperometry, practically simultaneous. Via the script window of PSTrace it is also possible to perform a different experiment with each of the channels.

To make it easier for you to decide, if  a multiplexer or a multichannel device is more suitable for your application, we have created a short explanation of multiplexers, multichannels and polypotentiostats.

Cell Connections

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Software for Windows and Android

Our standard software for all single channel instruments PSTrace  comes standard on a CD and is available to download. For controlling our potentiostats using a phone or tablet download PStouch for Android. It is available for free in the Google Play store.


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