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Heavy metal analysis of river water using the IS-HM sensor

This application note provides a comprehensive set of instructions for use of the screen-printed electrode (SPE) IS-HM in analyzing Pb, Cd, and Cu concentrations of a polluted river water sample.


Mercury analysis using the ItalSens-Au sensor

A comprehensive set of instructions for use of the screen-printed electrode (SPE) IS-Au for determining the Hg concentrations of aqueous solutions.


Test Procedure for ItalSens IS-C Graphite Sensors

This application note is used to verify the IS-C (graphite) sensors and their electrochemical stability.


Measuring Naphthol with carbon electrodes (IS-C)

The screen-printed carbon electrodes by ItalSens IS-C have been characterized by measuring naphthol, and can also be used for quantification of naphthol.


Impact of Noise on DPV and SWV

In this application note, the influence of noise on a measurement using a differential pulse technique is demonstrated.


Vitamin C Detection with ItalSens IS-C

This application note describes how to create a calibration for quantitative measurements of vitamin C. Due to the detailed description and harmless solutions this an excellent electrochemical experiment with liquids for beginners in the field of electrochemistry.

application-note Potentiostat

Potentiostatic and Galvanostatic EIS

What is GEIS? When to use GEIS or PEIS?

MultiPalmSens4 multi-channel potentiostat
application-note Potentiostat

Multichannel, polypotentiostat or multiplexer

This will help you to choose the ideal multi-channel instrument for your application.

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