PalmSens BV can accelerate the development of your point-of-care instrument by providing potentiostat modules or market-ready solutions based on the EmStat product range.

A new technology to diagnose infections from bacteria and Covid-19 in minutes using a Sensit Smart, is what Pandey, R., Chang, D., Smieja, M. et al. from The McMaster University have developed. Read more about it in the article in Nature Chemistry or on the McMaster website.


QSM Diagnostics set out to create an electrochemical biosensor and reader that provides diagnostics right in the office, with results available by the next morning or even before your dog leaves the clinic. The instrument is both fast and extremely portable due to the embedded EmStat Pico form factor of 30 mm × 6 mm. Read more about QSM on the website of Analog Devices.



Near patient testing


Point-of-care tests are carried out in close proximity of a patient. There are many electrochemical sensor applications developed and under development to measure specific health indicators or even determine if a certain disease is present in a blood or saliva sample.

Rapid and precise detection of viruses in a point of care setting is critical for applying appropriate countermeasures. For example, glucose test strips and a handheld potentiostat can detect the influenza virus with high accuracy.

Electrochemical blood glucose sensors have proven to be of great value for diabetic patients worldwide.  Electrochemistry is the go-to technique for portable and fast point-of-care applications.

PalmSens BV offers electrochemical interfaces in the form of several different modules for those who want to develop their own product line with additional features. We can also offer a market-ready reader that can be tailored for a specific point-of-care sensor, this reader can have a bespoke solution for any type of sensor.

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Custom Point-of-Care Device

If you are interested to develop your own tailored POC device, please do not hesitate to contact us. All OEM customers get full support from our development team. We can also help with the development of a carrier board or even develop a full custom design based on EmStat technology. We can handle small and large volume production. At PalmSens BV we have all disciplines in-house that you need for the development of your (custom) device. Don’t forget to have a look at our Market-Ready Solutions. We can tailor the EmStat Go in a very short amount of time.

Market-Ready Solutions

If you are thinking of developing your own electrochemical reader. Get to know more about the planning and costs of an electrochemical reader, and see how PalmSens can help you. You will also find our lessons learned and what to think of regarding regulatory approval needed for most Point-of-Care devices.

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