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OEM Success stories

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OEM Success stories

Potentiostats are used in Point-of-Care diagnostics, Food & Drug quality control, as a Wearable and many more applications...


Measure Lactose in minutes

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QSM Diagnostics

Easy and accurate detection of ear infections in dogs

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Fast, accurate, and decentralized testing of cannabis samples

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How PalmSens can help you

Reduce your Time-to-Market with our Market-Ready Solutions

Our Sensit-series and EmStat Go potentiostat for OEM are ideal for use with electrochemical sensor applications. Both instruments allow for rebranding and tailoring of the connections and functionalities to work seamlessly with your sensor design. 

Market-ready solutions


Electrochemical Interface Modules

The EmStat-series is designed to meet the OEM’s need to incorporate a potentiostat, galvanostat or EIS analyzer. The EmStat modules provide all the common electrochemical techniques with automatic current ranging and options for peripheral control. The EmStat modules are highly suitable for use in dedicated electrochemical instruments

Electrochemical Interface Modules

Learn how PalmSens helps to turn an electrochemical applications into a commercial product.

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