EmStat Go

Portable Potentiostat for OEM

  • Ideal for SPE applications
  • Customizable sensor connector
  • Optional battery and Bluetooth
  • Rugged aluminum housing in rubber sleeve
  • Customizable top foil for branding
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Exchangeable sensor interface module

The EmStat Go is a battery powered*, handheld potentiostat which consists of a base unit and a customer-specific Sensor Extension module. The extension module can be equipped with one or more sensor connectors, temperature sensor, or other interface units you require for your sensor application. The instrument’s body is made from solid anodized aluminum with an optional rugged sleeve.

Drop Detection

The EmStat Go can be equipped with automatic drop detection to have a PC or mobile app start the measurement automatically as soon as the droplet is present.

Optional battery for connecting via Bluetooth

A battery compartment for replaceable Li-Ion battery is optional. A fully charged battery allows the EmStat Go to run >6h of continuous measurements.

Potentiostat modules

Potentiostat module embedded in the EmStat Go

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The EmStat Go integrates one of the following potentiostat modules:



EmStat4M LR

EmStat Pico

dc-potential range ±3 V ±3 V -1.7 to +2 V
compliance voltage ±5 V ±5 V -2.0 to +2.3 V
measured dc-potential resolution  0.1 mV 4.8 µV  0.280 mV
current ranges 1 nA to 10 mA  1 nA to 10 mA 100 nA to 5 mA
maximum current ± 20 mA ± 30 mA ± 3 mA
EIS capable NO YES YES
Supports MethodSCRIPT NO YES YES

Software Development

Develop software for PC, smartphone or microcontroller

Whether you want to write a simple or advanced Windows application, develop an Android or iPhone app or integrate an EmStat potentiostat module in your own hardware, you can do it with our software development tools and code examples.

The EmStat potentiostat modules are controlled directly with our PSTrace software for Windows (all modules) and PStouch app for Android (EmStat3 and Pico only).

Writing code for our hardware

Software Development Kits for .NET

The PalmSens Software Development Kits (SDKs) for .NET can be used with any of our instruments or OEM potentiostat modules to develop your own software. The SDK’s come with a set of examples that shows how to use the libraries.

PalmSens SDKs with examples are available for the following .NET Frameworks:

  • WinForms
  • WPF
  • Xamarin (for Android)
  • UWP
PalmSens SDKs for .NET

MethodSCRIPT™ communications protocol

The EmStat4 and Pico potentiostat modules have an on-board parser for the MethodSCRIPT scripting language. This language allows developers to program a human-readable script for the EmStat4 and EmStat Pico modules on any platform or operating system. The simple script language allows for running electrochemical techniques and makes it easy to combine different measurements and other tasks.

More information about MethodSCRIPT


Software (2)

Name Last updated
PSTrace – PC software for all single channel instruments PSTrace software is shipped as standard with all single channel and multiplexed instruments. The software provides support for all techniques and device functionalities. 17-03-22
PS Laird BT900 Upgrade Tool Use this tool to update your OEM device for use with Dual Mode Bluetooth settings (SPP and BLE). Works with EmStat Pico Dev Board, Sensit BT and EmStat Go. 14-10-21

Documentation (4)

Name Last updated
EmStat4M Description Description of the EmStat4M including main specifications and practical limitations. 14-03-22
EmStat Pico Description Description of the EmStat Pico module and software tools 18-10-21
EmStat Go description Description of the EmStat Go for OEM 10-04-20
EmStat3 module description EmStat3 module description 09-04-20

Application Note (1)

Name Last updated
Changing Bluetooth Settings for OEM This tutorial describes how to change the settings of the LAIRD BT900 Bluetooth module on PalmSens devices for OEM. 14-10-21
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