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Teaching electrochemistry is the only way to give students the opportunity to discover and develop a passion for this beautiful discipline, to bring fresh ideas to this field of research and in the end secure the future of this science.

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Educational institutes face more and more challenges these days. Lecturers and professors have to apply for projects and compete for funding, leaving little time left for course preparation.

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PalmSens BV offers economical potentiostats that show research grade quality and capability. This makes our EmStat Series very suitable for teaching courses. The compact format of the EmStat also allows having multiple workstations even in very confined course rooms, or let students use their own smartphone in combination with the Sensit Smart.

We combined our research potentiostats with the necessary equipment and electrodes into a special Kit for a series of educational electrochemical experiments.

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On a more advanced level an OEM development kit can also be used as educational device. It will accelerate the programming skills of students in combination with the fundamentals of electrochemistry. Let the student develop his own application in a short amount of time using the software libraries supplied by PalmSens BV, or even develop a complete point of care market ready solution with a group of students as a business case.

Required Knowledge

The teaching material was written for students who know the very basic principles of electrochemistry. For students who enjoy programming their own software; our libraries for .NET allow you to write your own code for PalmSens or EmStat in different environments, including Visual Studio, Matlab and LabVIEW, the use of these libraries require basic understanding of the underlying platform. All OEM customers get full support from our development team.

We have also developed an educational kit for our research instruments. We combined our potentiostat with the necessary equipment and electrodes for a series of educational electrochemical experiments.

To make sure that the instructor and students have the essential theoretical background for the experiments, we deliver a detailed teaching and students guide with the kit. The guide contains a general introduction to potentiostats, common electrodes and for each experiment a motivation, theoretical background and the instructions for the experiment. This is followed by expected results and additional information.

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