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Embedded potentiostat

EmStat Pico Datasheet

Contains the information you need for integration of the EmStat Pico in your electronics design.

EmStat4R SNS - Potentiostat, Galvanostat, EIS Analyzer

EmStat4R Brochure

The EmStat4R brochure contains an overview of all techniques, specifications, kit contents, contour plots, the software PSTrace, the Android app PSTouch and MethodSCRIPT


Amperometric Detection

Amperiometric Detection or Chronoamperometry (CA) is a simple, widely used electrochemical measurement technique. Many sensors, like those for glucose or oxygen, require this technique.


Potentiometric stripping analysis

Potentiometric stripping analysis is a sensitive analytical technique. Before the SCP measurement starts a deposition stage at the deposition potential E dep is required. After th...


Chrono methods high speed (∆t > 100 ns)

Chrono methods high speed (∆t > 100 ns) is a form of amperometric detection with very high sampling rates or respectively very short interval times. At PalmSens is is better k...


Chrono methods (∆t > 1 ms)

Chrono methods (∆t > 1 ms) or Amperiometric Detection is a simple, widely used electrochemical measurement technique. At PalmSens it is better known under the name Chronoamper...



A BiPotentiostat is a potentiostat with two working electrodes. One electrode is the counter electrode and the other is the reference electrode. The two working electrodes can be operated and monitored exactly simultaneously. A Bipotentiostat is sometimes called a BiPot.

square wave voltammetry

Square Wave Voltammetry (SWV)

Square Wave Voltammetry (SWW) is in fact a special version of Differential Pulse Voltammerty (DPV). Differential Pulse Voltammerty is Square Wave Voltammetry when t pulse is equal ...

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