Arduino MKR ZERO

  • Rapid code development using examples
  • Connects to EmStat Pico Development Board
  • Connects to EmStat4M Development Board
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The EmStat Pico is designed to be integrated into any microcontroller based system using just 4 wires (5V, Gnd, TX, RX).  Figure 1 shows example setups firstly using an Arduino MKR as a master controller and secondly using a USB to UART convertor to interface to a PC. In both setups the EmStat Pico is connected with a Screen Printed Electrode (SPE) for common electrochemical measurements such as Cyclic Voltammetry (CV). More information about the Arduino MKR ZERO:

Figure 1: EmStat Pico system integration
A) Control via an Arduino MKR ZERO module 
B) Controlled directly from a PC via a USB to UART convertor


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MethodSCRIPT code examples MethodSCRIPT code examples include: <br>- MethodSCRIPTExample_C <br>- MethodSCRIPTExample_C_Linux <br>- MethodSCRIPTExample_C# <br>- MethodSCRIPTExample_Arduino <br>- MethodSCRIPTExample_Python <br>- MethodSCRIPTExample_iOS <br>- MethodSCRIPTExample_Android <br>Every code example comes with a "Getting Started" document. Software 07-07-22
Arduino MKR Zero with EmStat Pico dev board This document describes how to connect an Arduino MKR Zero to the EmStat Pico development board Application Note 20-04-20
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