MUX16 Multiplexer Module

Extension module for the EmStat3 with 16 channels

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The MUX16 multiplexer is used with 2 electrode sensors or cells with up to 16 channels. It can have a shared counter and reference electrode, or each working electrode with each its own combined reference/counter electrode. So in short it can either switch:

  • 16x WE, 16x RE+CE joint together
  • or 16x WE with fixed RE and CE

The MUX16 can be mounted directly to the EmStat3 potentiostat module as shown below. Or it can be connected via short wires or flatcable.


The MUX16 module can be mounted directly on the EmStat Development board. Connections to  different cells can be made using the screw terminals on the development board.

The available libraries for software development are also made compatible with the MUX16 module.


It is not possible to apply a potential simultaneously to more than one sensor or cell each with three electrodes. This requires a multipotentiostat, one potentiostat for each channel. This is however possible with two electrode sensors or cells, so when combined counter and reference electrodes are applied.


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PSTrace PC software for all single channel instruments PSTrace software is shipped as standard with all single channel and multiplexed instruments. The software provides support for all techniques and device functionalities. Software 08-07-24
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