Journal of Energy Storage 75 2024 109580

Enhancing energy storage performance in flexible all-solid-state laser-induced graphene-based microsupercapacitors through the addition of carbon black and Prussian blue

Baachaoui, Sabrine; Mabrouk, Walid; Ghodbane, Ouassim; Raouafi, Noureddine
Biosensors & bioelectronics 235 2023 115389

Weavable yarn-shaped supercapacitor in sweat-activated self-charging power textile for wireless sweat biosensing

Xiao, Gang; Ju, Jun; Li, Min; Wu, Huajun; Jian, Yihao; Sun, Wei; Wang, Wei; Li, Chang Ming; Qiao, Yan; Lu, Zhisong
Energy Fuels (Energy & Fuels) 37 2023 4069–4082

Effect of Post-synthesis Processing on the Electrochemical Performance of Y 2 W 3 O 12

Mittal, Uttam; Teusner, Matthew; Brand, Helen E. A.; Mata, Jitendra; Kundu, Dipan; Sharma, Neeraj
Energy & Environment 2023 0958305X2311594

Improved performance of biopolymer composite electrolyte based cellulose acetate/Zinc Oxide filler for supercapacitors

Sadiq, Mohd; Khan, M. Ajmal; Raza, Mohammad Moeen Hasan; Zulfequar, Mohammad; Ali, Javid
J Mater Sci: Mater Electron (Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics) 34 2023

Electrochemical properties of MnO2-based carbon nanomaterials for energy storage and electrochemical sensing

Ouda, Emtinan; Yousf, Nehad; Magar, Hend S.; Hassan, Rabeay Y. A.; Duraia, El-Shazly M.
Biomass Conv. Bioref. (Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery) 2023

Functional biochar derived from Desmostachya bipinnata for the application in energy storage/conversion devices

Mehrotra, Smriti; Gupta, Meenal; Dujearic-Stephane, Kouao; Kumar, Ashwani; Singh, Pushpa; Bharti, Bharti; Mathuriya, Abhilasha Singh; Bocchetta, Patrizia; Kumar, Yogesh
Ceramics International 49 2023 22440–22448

Characterization and synthesis mechanism of Co3O4 nanoparticles synthesized by the emulsion detonation method

Qian, Jingye; Li, Xuejiao; Zhang, Tingzhao; Dai, Xiande; Bi, Zhixiong; Rong, Kai
Journal of Power Sources 570 2023 233018

Study of the correlation between electric and mechanical/thermal parameters in a graphite - LiFePO4 pouch cell

Zardalidis, George; Farmakis, Filippos
Electrochimica Acta 454 2023 142413

Correlation between the electrochemical response and main components structure in solutions for rechargeable Mg batteries based on THF and the reaction products of tBuMgCl and AlCl3

Chakrabarty, Sankalpita; Glagovsky, Yuri; Maddegalla, Ananya; Fridman, Natalia; Bravo-Zhivotovski, Dmitry; Aurbach, Doron; Mukherjee, Ayan; Noked, Malachi
Gels (Basel, Switzerland) 9 2023

Flexible Polymer-Ionic Liquid Films for Supercapacitor Applications

Novakov, Christo; Kalinova, Radostina; Veleva, Svetlana; Ublekov, Filip; Dimitrov, Ivaylo; Stoyanova, Antonia
Journal of colloid and interface science 646 2023 1–10

Laser-induced graphene electrodes scribed onto novel carbon black-doped polyethersulfone membranes for flexible high-performance microsupercapacitors

Baachaoui, Sabrine; Mabrouk, Walid; Rabti, Amal; Ghodbane, Ouassim; Raouafi, Noureddine
ACS applied materials & interfaces 15 2023 23093–23103

Mitigating Dendrite Formation on a Zn Electrode in Aqueous Zinc Chloride by the Competitive Surface Chemistry of an Imidazole Additive

Rana, Ashutosh; Thakare, Anup; Kumar, Nikhil; Mukherjee, Buddhadev; Torris, Arun; Das, Bidisa; Ogale, Satishchandra; Banerjee, Abhik

Synthesis of MWCNTs/Activated Carbon-Based Supercapacitor Electrode Composite and Analysis Using a Three-Electrode System with Various Electrolyte Concentrations

Subagio, Agus; Taufiq, Heydar Ruffa; Sutanto, Heri; Diantoro, Markus; Luthfiyah, Ishmah; Purwanto, Agus; Meevasana, Worawat
J. Electrochem. Soc. (Journal of The Electrochemical Society) 170 2023 110519

Exploring SEI Characteristics in Propylene Carbonate-Based Electrolyte with 2-Isocyanatoethyl Methacrylate at Graphite Electrode

Kim, Yong-eun; Jung, Cheolsoo

Electrochemical Performance of Symmetric Solid-State Supercapacitors Based on Carbon Xerogel Electrodes and Solid-Polymer Electrolytes

Karamanova, Boryana; Mladenova, Emiliya; Thomas, Mindju; Rey-Raap, Natalia; Arenillas, Ana; Lufrano, Francesco; Stoyanova, Antonia
Measurement 2023 113922

A Novel Testing Equipment based on Arduino and LabVIEW for Electrochemical Performance Studies on Experimental cells: Evaluation in Lithium-Sulfur Technology

Jiménez-Romero, F. J.; González-Jiménez, José R.; García-Torres, Félix; Caballero, Álvaro; Lara-Raya, F. R.
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 922 2022 116743

Ag decorated porous Si structure as potential high-capacity anode material for Li-ion cells

Raić, Matea; Mikac, Lara; Gotić, Marijan; Škrabić, Marko; Baran, Nikola; Ivanda, Mile
Talanta 253 2023 123918

On spot detection of nickel and cobalt from exhausted batteries by a smart electrochemical sensor

Selvolini, Giulia; Marrazza, Giovanna