Virtual and Physical Prototyping 19 2024

Sub-microscale 3D printing based on cold-constrained local electrodeposition

Shen, Chunjian; Mo, Yu; Di Zhu
Electrochimica Acta 477 2024

Scanning gel electrochemical microscopy (SGECM): Elaboration and cross-linking of chitosan-based gel probes

Dang, Ning; Echeveste Salazar, Gustavo Adrián; Walcarius, Alain; Liu, Liang
Analytical chemistry 95 2023

Separating Convective from Diffusive Mass Transport Mechanisms in Ionic Liquids by Redox Pro-fluorescence Microscopy

Belotti, Mattia; El-Tahawy, Mohsen M. T.; Garavelli, Marco; Coote, Michelle L.; Iyer, K. Swaminathan; Ciampi, Simone
Electrochimica Acta 437 2023

Scanning gel electrochemical microscopy: Combination with quartz crystal microbalance for studying the electrolyte residue

Echeveste Salazar, Gustavo Adrián; Brites Helú, Mariela Alicia; Walcarius, Alain; Liu, Liang
Analytical chemistry 92 2020

Scanning Gel Electrochemical Microscopy (SGECM): Lateral Physical Resolution by Current and Shear Force Feedback

Dang, Ning; Etienne, Mathieu; Walcarius, Alain; Liu, Liang
Analytical chemistry 86 2014

Measuring localized redox enzyme electron transfer in a live cell with conducting atomic force microscopy

Alfonta, Lital; Meckes, Brian; Amir, Liron; Schlesinger, Orr; Ramachandran, Srinivasan; Lal, Ratnesh
Electrochimica Acta 188 2016

Local pH changes triggered by photoelectrochemistry for silica condensation at the liquid-liquid interface

Poltorak, Lukasz; Hébrant, Marc; Afsharian, Mohana; Etienne, Mathieu; Herzog, Grégoire; Walcarius, Alain
Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 28 2016

Template-Free 3D Microprinting of Metals Using a Force-Controlled Nanopipette for Layer-by-Layer Electrodeposition

Hirt, Luca; Ihle, Stephan; Pan, Zhijian; Dorwling-Carter, Livie; Reiser, Alain; Wheeler, Jeffrey M.; Spolenak, Ralph; Voros, Janos; Zambelli, Tomaso
J Solid State Electrochem (Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry) 21 2017

Application of a modified flow-type microcell to evaluate local mass transport coefficients

López, C.; Herrasti, P.; Sánchez, M.; Casillas, N.
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