Two ways to develop your app

There are two ways to develop an app for our potentiostats (or potentiostat modules). Click on the two tabs below to discover both.

Option 1: using the PalmSens SDK for Android using Xamarin

The easiest and fastest way to develop an Android app is by using the PalmSens SDK for .NET. The SDK takes care of the device’s communications protocol. The Xamarin .NET platform allows you to write a single app targeting Android. Our libraries for .NET are compatible with Xamarin and we have a code example available that shows how to build such an app for any of our potentiostat (modules).


  • Run measurements with a few lines of simple code.
  • Use the libraries for doing data analysis like peak detection or equivalent circuit fitting on EIS data.


  • Bound to Xamarin .NET which means you need experience with C# or VB.NET.
  • Only for Android, not for iOS
Read more about PalmSens SDK for Android

Option 2: use MethodSCRIPT and write a native app for Android or iOS

The Sensit Smart, Sensit BT, the EmStat Pico and EmStat Go (with EmStat Pico), support MethodSCRIPTTM. A tutorial and code example in Swift is available to show how to build a native app using the MethodSCRIPTTM communications protocol. A similar example for Android Studio is available written in Java for both Bluetooth and USB communication with our hardware.


  • Use any programming language for your app (Swift, Objective-C, Java).
  • Full freedom using MethodSCRIPTs to run any custom script on-board your device.


  • Implementation of the protocol means more complexity and more code.
  • Data processing and data analysis needs to be programmed manually by yourself.
Read more about MethodSCRIPT
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