2017 1–3

Boron doped diamond/metal nanocatalyst hybrid electrode arrays for analytical applications

Scorsone, Emmanuel; Belghiti, Dounia; Habchi, Massiel; Bergonzo, Philippe
Microelectronic Engineering 173 2017 27–32

A simple fabrication process for disposable interdigitated electrode arrays with nanogaps for lab-on-a-chip applications

Partel, S.; Kasemann, S.; Matylitskaya, V.; Thanner, C.; Dincer, C.; Urban, G.
J. Sens. Sens. Syst. (Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems) 7 2018 559–567

Continuous in-line monitoring of electrolyte concentrations in extracorporeal circuits for individualization of dialysis treatment

Berger, Marc; Faulstich, Michael; Perl, Thorsten; Zimmermann, Stefan
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