Environ. Sci.: Water Res. Technol. (Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology) 2024

Harnessing exoelectrogens in a novel microbial desalination cell: a study on the impact of salinity on sago effluent treatment and power generation

Prakash, Sandhya; Naina Mohamed, Samsudeen; Ponnusamy, Kalaichelvi
Adv. Mater. Technol. (Advanced Materials Technologies) 2024

Multi‐Parametric Decision System for Analytical Performance Assessment of Electrochemical (Bio)Sensors

Moreira, Daniel C.; Carvalho, Duarte Nuno; Santos, Evelyn C.; Relvas, João B.; Neves, Miguel António Dias; Mendes Pinto, Inês

Influence of Chloride and Electrolyte Stability on Anode Passivation Layer Formation and its Dissolution in Mg Batteries Revealed by operando EQCM-D

Schick, Benjamin W.; Vanoppen, Viktor; Uhl, Matthias; Kruck, Matthias; Riedel, Sibylle; Zhao-Karger, Zhirong; Berg, Erik J.; Hou, Xu; Jacob, Timo

Revealing the Structural Evolution of Electrode/Electrolyte Interphase Formation during Magnesium Plating and Stripping with operando EQCM-D

Schick, Benjamin W.; Hou, Xu; Vanoppen, Viktor; Uhl, Matthias; Kruck, Matthias; Berg, Erik J.; Jacob, Timo
Talanta 270 2023

Redox probe-free electrochemical immunosensor utilizing electropolymerized melamine on reduced graphene oxide for the point-of-care diagnosis of gastric cancer

Kanagavalli, Pandiyaraj; Eissa, Shimaa
Electroanalysis 2023

Ion transfer voltammetry of amino acids with an all‐solid‐state ion‐selective electrode for non‐destructive phenylalanine sensing

Gan, Ai Wei; Seah, Georgina E. K. K.; Kwek, Li Hui; Goh, Shermin S.
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 932 2023

Electroactive hydrolysis probe-based portable PCR platform for sequence-specific detection of nontyphoidal Salmonella drug resistance gene

Lu, Xiao; Lin, Haosi; Feng, Xianzhen; Long, Dongling; Yang, Guiqing; Hsing, I-Ming
International Journal of Food Properties 26 2023

Intelligent electronic tongue system for the classification of genuine and false honeys

Leon-Medina, Jersson X.; Acosta-Opayome, Diana; Fuenmayor, Carlos Alberto; Zuluaga-Domínguez, Carlos Mario; Anaya, Maribel; Tibaduiza, Diego A.
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