• Stress corrosion cracking susceptibility of armour layers in CO2 annulus environments – SSRT experimental simulation Engineering Failure Analysis 139 2022 106451 Ponciano Gomes, J.A.C.; Silva, S. C.; Campos, T.
  • A novel, proof-of-concept electrochemical impedimetric biosensor based on extracellular matrix protein–adhesin interaction Sens. Diagn. (Sensors & Diagnostics) 2022 Leva-Bueno, Juan; Meuskens, Ina; Linke, Dirk; Millner, Paul A.; Peyman, Sally A.
  • Morphological basis for possibility of applying electrochemical method with use of nanotechnological biosensors in diagnosis of colorectal cancer Perm Med J (Perm Medical Journal) 38 2021 88–96 Belkin, A. N.; Freind, G. G.; Kochetov, A. G.
  • Impedimetric quantification of migration speed of cancer cells migrating along a Matrigel-filled microchannel Analytica chimica acta 1121 2020 67–73 Huang, Chun-Hao; Lei, Kin Fong
  • Development of a novel electrochemical immuno-biosensor for circulating biomarkers of the inner ear Biosensors & bioelectronics 165 2020 112369 Mahshid, Sahar S.; Dabdoub, Alain
  • Graphite–Metal Oxide Composites as Potential Anodic Catalysts for Microbial Fuel Cells Catalysts 10 2020 796 Chorbadzhiyska, Elitsa; Bardarov, Ivo; Hubenova, Yolina; Mitov, Mario
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