PalmSens4 recovery

This article guides you on how to recover your PalmSens4 firmware if it does not connect properly anymore using a USB cable or Bluetooth.


Check device list

Check the device list

  • If the PalmSens4 shows up as “Programmable Device”, only do Step 7: upload new firmware.
  • If the PalmSens4 does not show as a “Programmable Device” in the device list, continue with step 2: preparation.


Required tools:

  • crewdriver: Torx 8
  • Paperclip

Remove battery lid and battery

Remove battery lid and battery


Connect the PalmSens4 to USB

  • Connect the PalmSens4 to your PC with the USB cable.
  • Place the PalmSens4 up-side-down on your desk.

Short the two ‘Rst’ pads

Bend the paperclip in such a way that you can short the two ‘Rst’ pads in the battery compartment, as shown in the photo below.


Unplug and plug back in

Remove the USB cable from the PalmSens4, wait a few seconds and then connect the PalmSens4 back to the PC again.


Upload new firmware

  • Open PSTrace and go to menu: Tools >> Instrument Settings…
    and click button “Update firmware”.

  • You should see “Programmable Device” selected next to the “Connect” button.

  • Click “Connect”

  • Click “Browse” and select file “PalmSens4_firmware_v##.hex”

Make sure the text shows it is firmware suitable for PalmSens4.

  • Click “Start update firmware”

  • Wait until the Uploader gives the message “UPDATE COMPLETE” and close the window.

Close housing

Connect the battery, place it back in its compartment and close the housing.

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