MethodSCRIPT is the language our latest generation of potentiostats speaks. It allows you to communicate directly with the potentiostat (module) from any operating system or microcontroller.

Introduction to MethodSCRIPT

The MethodSCRIPTTM scripting language is designed to integrate our OEM potentiostat (modules) effortlessly in your hardware setup or product.

No libraries needed
No DLLs or other type of code libraries are required for MethodSCRIPT

MethodSCRIPTTM allows developers to program a human-readable script directly into the potentiostat module by means of a serial (TTL) connection. The simple script language allows for running all supported electrochemical techniques and makes it easy to combine different measurements and other tasks.

More script features include:
Use of variables
(Nested) loops
Logging results to an SD card
Digital I/O for example for waiting for an external trigger
Reading auxiliary values like pH or temperature
Going to sleep or hibernate mode

Generating MethodSCRIPT in PSTrace for Windows

MethodSCRIPT can automatically be generated in PSTrace for Windows. If you are connected to any device supporting MethodSCRIPT, a button will be visible that allows you to generate the MethodSCRIPT code using the parameters as you have set in the Method Editor of PSTrace. This allows you to easily and conveniently evaluate the EmStat Pico or EmStat4M module in PSTrace and then take the MethodSCRIPT code snippet for use in your own app or microcontroller code project.


Documentation and code examples

Code examples for C, C#, Python, Arduino, iOS (Swift) and Android (Java) demonstrate how to implement serial communication with the device.

The examples demonstrate some of the following functionalities:

  • Establishing a connection with the device
  • Send a MethodSCRIPT to the device
  • Read and parse the measurement data packages from the device

A detailed explanation for each of the code examples can be found in their corresponding “Getting Started” documents. Please refer to the document “MethodSCRIPT protocol description” for more information about MethodSCRIPT.

Code examples on GitHub MethodSCRIPT Tips & Tricks
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