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Faster Development for a Game-Changing New Product

Until now, testing has been a serious bottleneck for cannabis growers and manufacturers. Assessing key potency markers needed to be done in a lab, which is a slow and expensive process — even if it’s done on-site.

Ekidna has solved this problem with a 5-minute test that has up to 98% accuracy, based on lab-on-a-chip electrochemistry. That’s as accurate as the latest HPLC/UPLC equipment in a commercial lab. Ekidna allows cannabis businesses to decentralize testing, speed up R&D and production, and get higher quality product to market faster for a better price.

The Ekidna reader uses the EmStat4M potentiostat modules, which arrive tested, calibrated, and able to perform 15+ electrochemical techniques right out of the box. The compact size is also important: at 2×40 mm it’s smaller than a credit card. Together with the software development kit and the examples, the EmStat4M allows for easy integration.

Ekidna brings lab-on-a-chip to cannabis growers and manufacturers to enable fast, accurate, and decentralized testing of cannabis samples for key potency markers: THC, THCa, CBD, and CBDa.

Nic Boileau, CEO of Ekidna:

Thanks to the PalmSens potentiostat modules, we could focus entirely on the electrochemical research and product design, and didn’t have to worry about designing a potentiostat from the ground up.” 


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