What are the key factors to consider when choosing a potentiostat for a specific application?


Technical specifications

We recommend first considering the technical specifications that are available in the documentation of an instruments, which are covered in this FAQ under “What are the key specifications and parameters of a potentiostat?”.



The next important point for most customers is the software. The software should support the technique you require. Ideally, there is some automated data processing, that will make your life more convenient. Important is the ability to export your data to a format that can be imported to your favorite spread sheet software.

Nowadays it should be easy to find video online, the manual of the software, or a demo version to test how you like the interface. You can find many tutorial videos of our softwares PSTRace, MultiTrace, and PStouch on our website.


More technical features

Besides the specifications of the electrochemical measurements there are more technical features that could be interesting for your application. A Bluetooth connection together with a Battery allows a wireless connection. An auxiliary port offers the opportunity to connect external sensors, e.g. temperature probe or photodiode, and to send or receive triggers. This way the potentiostat can be easily combined with other devices, e.g. a spectrometer.


Purchasing process

Other factors concern the purchasing process. Important factors are transparent price information, support, how difficult it is to set up the device, and how long the guarantee is. It is also a good idea to see if there is an email, website, chat or telephone number, should you require any further assistance.

For example, PalmSens BV support for choosing the right instrument, purchasing, and technical issues can be reached via email , chat on www.palmsens.com, and telephone +31 (0)30 2459211