Sensit Wearable

A groundbreaking reader designed to enhance the research, development, and validation of wearable biosensors.

Supports the 10 most popular electrochemical techniques.

Analyse two biomarkers using Bipotentiostat functionality.

Connects to any wearable biosensor form factor with ease.

Runs measurements for days up to weeks on its internal 50 mAh battery.

The powerful and versatile MethodSCRIPT communications protocol allows for writing scripts to run measurements over a longer period and go in to a deep-sleep state when the instrument is idle.

USB-C and Bluetooth communication supported, plus an accelerometer for tap detection to trigger the start of a measurement.

Your shortcut to next-gen wearable electrochemical sensors

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The mounting bracket can be attached to an adhesive skin-sensor for measurements in sweat or on the epidermis.
In this use-case scenario the Sensit Wearable can be worn by means of a velco strap with mounting bracket.

Supported techniques

The Sensit Wearable is both a potentiostat and an impedance analyzer. The 10 most popular electrochemical techniques are supported.

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Voltammetric techniques

Linear Sweep Voltammetry, Cyclic Voltammetry, Square Wave Voltammetry, Differential Pulse Voltammetry & Normal Pulse Voltammetry.

Techniques as a function of time

Chronoamperometry, Pulsed Amperometric Detection, Open Circuit Potentiometry, MultiStep Amperometry.

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

Measure at fixed frequency or frequency scan vs a fixed potential, a scanning potential or time.

Sensit Wearable MethodSCRIPT

MethodSCRIPT gives you full control over the Sensit Wearable. The simple script language is parsed on-board the instrument and allows for running all supported electrochemical techniques. This makes it easy to combine different measurements and other tasks.

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Shipped with the following items

Sensit Wearable

Development Board

Two examples patches

Cell cable with crocodile clips

Velcro strap with mounting bracket

Two mounting brackets for custom patch


Small and accurate wearable reader

DC-potential range

-From -1.7 V to +2 V

Compliance voltage

-From 2.0 V to +2.3 V


-From <1 nA to ±3 mA

Current resolution

-0.006% of range (5.5 pA on 100 nA range)

Potentiostat interface

-2x WE, 1x CE, 1x RE

EIS frequency range

-From 0.016 Hz to 200 kHz


-USB-C & Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy

Battery life

-Multiple days depending on script

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many biomarkers can I measure?

The Sensit Wearable is a bipotentiostat and you can connect a wearable patch with two working electrodes. Each working electrode can detect a different biomarker. 

Does PalmSens supply sensor patches?

PalmSens works together with partners to help you develop a sensor patch. In the Sensit Wearable Development kit there are two example patches to try.

Can PalmSens customize the Sensit Wearable?

Please schedule a meeting with PalmSens to discuss your needs.

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Does PalmSens ship to my country?

PalmSens ships worldwide, both directly and via our network of distributors.

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