Corrosion Software

PSTrace software is shipped as standard with all single channel and multiplexed instruments. The software provides support for all necessary corrosion related techniques and analysis.

Easy and versatile

Dedicated modes make PSTrace easy to use. The Corrosion mode offers the corrosion techniques, analyze the results and perform equivalent circuit fitting with a few clicks.

Butler-Volmer and Tafel fit

The automatic Butler-Volmer or manual Tafel slope fit helps analyzing the results of Linear Polarization, to extract all the material properties.

One-click export to Excel

If you feel more comfortable using your own spreadsheets, use the one-click export to Excel. Or export your data to Origin or Matlab.

Corrosion mode

Provides a template for all the functions, to perform analysis on unknown samples or calibration of electrodes.

Corrosion mode

Corrosion mode

Convert your data quickly into physical properties. Corrosion mode comprises a straight forward modelling package with a dedicated tab to describe the physical properties of the material such as surface area.