Materials and Corrosion 2024

Electrochemical characterization of surfaces of galvanized steels under different exposure conditions using gel electrolytes

Heyn, Andreas; Meist, Moritz; Michael, Oliver; Babutzka, Martin; Valet, Svenja; Ebell, Gino
Journal of Tribology 2024

Tribocorrosion evaluation of AISI 431 coated with tungsten oxynitride

Garcia Ramos, Tania; Zeinert, Andreas; Muhl, Stephen; Lejeune, Michaël; Chevallier, Eddy; Barroy, Pierre
Powder Technology 427 2023

Laser powder bed fusion of 316L stainless steel with 2 wt.% nanosized SiO2 additives: Powder processing and consolidation

Stylianou, Rafael; Evangelou, Angelos; Loizou, Alexandros; Kim, Donghyuk; Wharton, Julian; Koutsokeras, Loukas; Constantinides, Georgios; Delimitis, Andreas; Kyratsi, Theodora

Assessing the Impact of Galvanic Corrosion on the Ampacity of ACSR/TW and ACCC/TW Conductors

Nawawi, Mohamad Izzat; Rahman, Shahnurriman Abdul; Kopsidas, Konstantinos

A New Concept of Corrosion Protection and Integrity of Subsea System in Brazil

Rocha, M. S.; Oliveira, J. R.; Silva, M. A.; Horta, R. M. B.; Brasil, S. L. D. C.; Carvalho, L. J.; Kassab, E.; Souza, E. A.; Gomes, J. A. C. P.; Hofman, T.; Bueno, A. H. S.; Miranda, L. R. M.
Mat. Res. (Materials Research) 27 2024

Combining Electrochemical and Theoretical Analysis to Evaluate Hydrogen Permeation Inhibitors During Free Corrosion

Silvério, Raquel L.; Araujo, Rodrigo G. de; Carvalho, Thais T.; Gomes, Bhetina C.; Borges, Ludmila de O.; Silva, Matheus G.; Paes, Lilian W. Coelho; Sangi, Diego P.; Yoneda, Julliane; Ferreira, Elivelton A.
JCTM (Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy) 59 2024


Raimbekova, Ainur; Kapralova, Viktoriya; Popova, Angelina; Kubekova, Sholpan; Dalbanbay, Amantai; Kalenova, Aizhan; Mustahimov, Bekezhan; Yermekbayeva, Sharipa; Myrzabekova, Sharbanu
Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics 129 2024

The effect of solution aggressiveness on the corrosion-induced degradation mechanism of Al-Cu-Li 2198 alloy

Charalampidou, Christina-Margarita; Tazlakidou, Foteini; Zheludkevich, Mikhail; Kourkoulis, Stavros; Alexopoulos, Nikolaos D.
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 403 2024

Ultrafast microfluidic solvent extraction and machine learning-assisted impedimetric sensor for multidetermination of scaling ions in crude oils

Da Silva, Alexandre A.; Oliveira, Ricardo A.G. de; Giordano, Gabriela F.; Da Silva, Giulia S.; Murer, Rui C.; Vieira, Luis C.S.; Lorevice, Marcos V.; Gouveia, Rubia F.; Carvalho, Rogerio M.; Shimizu, Flavio M.; Gobbi, Angelo L.; Lima, Renato S.
Materials Today Communications 2024

Improving the barrier properties of chitosan coatings through Schiff base formation and halloysite incorporation for corrosion protection of commercially pure aluminum (cp-Al)

Versteg, Augusto; Beraldo, Carlos Henrique Michelin; Spinelli, Almir; da Conceição, Thiago Ferreira
Intermetallics 165 2024

Polymorphous nanostructured metallic glass coatings for corrosion protection of medical grade Ti substrate

Onyeagba, C. R.; Will, G.; Barclay, M.; Brown, C.; Wang, H.; Tesfamichael, T.
Electrochimica Acta 485 2024

Microbiologically influenced corrosion can cause a dental implant rejection

Hubenova, Eleonora; Mitov, Mario; Hubenova, Yolina
Corrosion Science 2024

Influence of Severe Surface Plastic Deformation Induced by Shot Peening on Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of fine grained 316 L stainless steel

Ebrahimzadeh, P.; Peral, L. B.; González-Martínez, R.; Mardaras, E.; Fernández-Pariente, I.
EJSU (Engineering Journal of Satbayev University) 145 2023

Effect of various phosphate inhibitors on corrosion of low carbon steel in 3% sodium chloride solution

Raimbekova, A. S.; Kapralova, V. I.; Dalbanbai, А.; Kubekova, Sh.N.; Popova, A. K.
Polymers 15 2023

Sustainable Bio-Based Epoxy Resins with Tunable Thermal and Mechanic Properties and Superior Anti-Corrosion Performance

Teijido, Rubén; Ruiz-Rubio, Leire; Lanceros-Méndez, Senentxu; Zhang, Qi; Vilas-Vilela, José Luis

Effective electrode preparation to prevent crevice in steel electrodes

Frontini, María Alejandra; Vazquez, Marcela; Valcarce, María Beatriz
International journal of biological macromolecules 260 2024

Anticorrosive properties of chitosan-derivatives coatings on Mg AZ31 alloy in Hank's Balanced Salt Solution

Beraldo, Carlos Henrique Michelin; Versteg, Augusto; Spinelli, Almir; Scharnagl, Nico; da Conceição, Thiago Ferreira
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 2024

Sustainable smart coatings of chitosan and LDH loaded with natural inhibitors for corrosion protection of Mg AZ31 alloy

Santos, Flávio de S.; Binder, Lucas; Scharnagl, Nico; da Conceição, Thiago F.
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