Chem. Pap. (Chemical Papers) 77 2023

Going green: Stachys scardica H. leaves extract derived from supercritical CO2 extraction as an effective corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 1 M HCl media

Berisha, Avni; Krasniqi, Elez; Halili, Jeton; Jusufi, Kaltrina; Reka, Arianit; Mehmeti, Valbonë; Halili, Adelina; Dagdag, Omar

Green synthesis of corrosion inhibitor from linoleic acid derivatives

Al-Khuzaie, Mohammed G. A.; Al-Kurdy, Masar J.; Khudhair, Noor Ali; Abbas, Ghanim A.; Al Dulaimi, Zaid M. H.
Electrochimica Acta 2024

A Novel Methodology for Monitoring Low-Temperature Corrosion Caused by Hygroscopic Salts Using Linear Polarization Resistance

Yahi, Sarah; Bensmaili, Aicha; Lehmusto, Juho; Hupa, Leena; Haddad, Ahmed; Benmohamed, Manel; Vainio, Emil
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 675 2023

Highly efficient green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in sulfuric acid: Experimental and DFT approach

Kumar, Harish; Yadav, Pooja; Kumari, Rajni; Sharma, Rahul; Sharma, Saloni; Singh, Devender; Dahiya, Hariom; Kumar, Parvin; Bhardwaj, Santosh; Kaur, Pawanvir
Surface and Coatings Technology 474 2023

Synthesis of bioactive TiO2 nanotubular thin films: Exploring biocompatibility and biocorrosion behavior in simulated body environments

Simon, Anna Paulla; Da Lemes Silva, Bruna; Francescon Belusso, Emanuelly; Mazzucatto, Taila Sabrina; Soares Santos, Janaina; Trivinho-Strixino, Francisco; Souza Sikora, Mariana de
Coatings 14 2024

Deposition of Polymers on Titanium Nitride Electrodes

Efremenko, Yulia; Laroussi, Arwa; Sengül, Akant; Corley-Wiciak, Agnieszka Anna; Fischer, Inga Anita; Mirsky, Vladimir M.
Microchemical Journal 2024

Characterization of corrosion products on contemporary bronze artwork by using voltammetry of microparticles and PCA

Quadrini, Lorenzo; Salvadori, Emma; Laschi, Serena; Verrucchi, Margherita; Gnerucci, Alessio; Cagnini, Andrea; Palchetti, Ilaria
Engineering Failure Analysis 155 2024

Influence of metallurgical factors on the hydrogen induced cracking of carbon steel wires in H2S-containing environments

Seixas Campos, Emanuel; Da Silva de Sá, Jonas; Seixas Campos, Tatiane; Alencar de Souza, Eduardo; Da Cunha Ponciano Gomes, José Antônio
Braz. J. Develop. (Brazilian Journal of Development) 9 2023

Evaluation of voltametric profiles for quantitative estimation of sigma phase (σ) content in duplex stainless steel UNS S31803: an ohmic and layers porous resistance models (LPRM) analysis

Rios, Jorge Omar; Forteski, Elan Gabriel; Ponte, Maria José Jerônimo de Santana; Ponte, Haroldo de Araújo
Surface and Coatings Technology 455 2023

A comparative study of nanolaminate CrN/Mo2N and CrN/W2N as hard and corrosion resistant coatings

Beltrami, Marco; Mavrič, Andraž; Zilio, Simone Dal; Fanetti, Mattia; Kapun, Gregor; Lazzarino, Marco; Sbaizero, Orfeo; Čekada, Miha
Progress in Organic Coatings 179 2023

Development of a warning system for defects onset in organic coatings on large surfaces

Rondinella, Alfredo; Offoiach, Ruben; Andreatta, Francesco; Capurso, Giovanni; Calabrese, Luigi; Proverbio, Edoardo; Fedrizzi, Lorenzo
J. Electrochem. Soc. (Journal of The Electrochemical Society) 170 2023

Respirometric in Situ Methods for Real-Time Monitoring of Corrosion Rates: Part III. Deconvolution of Electrochemical Polarization Curves

Strebl, M. G.; Bruns, M. P.; Virtanen, S.
J. Electrochem. Soc. (Journal of The Electrochemical Society) 169 2022

Characteristics of Anode Materials for Nickel Electroforming

Green, T. A.; Tambe, C. Enowmbi; Roy, S.


Guilherme, Luis Henrique; Benedetti, A. V.; Fugivara, C. S.; Engelberg, D. L.
Progress in Organic Coatings 174 2023

Is crosslinked pectin a suitable material for efficient corrosion protective coatings? A study with AZ31 Mg alloy

Sousa Santos, Flávio de; Spinelli, Almir; Scharnagl, Nico; da Conceição, Thiago Ferreira
Mat. Res. (Materials Research) 25 2022

Pitting and Crevice Corrosion Behavior of the Duplex Stainless Steel UNS S32205 Welded by Using the GTAW Process

La Rosa, Yamid E. Nuñez de; Calabokis, Oriana Palma; Uris, Gloria M. Pena; Borges, Paulo César
Journal of Nuclear Materials 2023

Development of Hydrothermal Corrosion Model and BWR metal coating for CVD SiC in Light Water Reactors

Seshadri, Arunkumar; Shirvan, Koroush
Carbohydrate polymers 292 2022

New relations between modification degree, swelling and impedance in anticorrosion chitosan-derivative coatings on magnesium alloy AZ31

Beraldo, Carlos Henrique Michelin; Spinelli, Almir; Scharnagl, Nico; da Conceição, Thiago Ferreira
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