Copper and Nickel Deposition 1/3 – Introduction

Most students already know the basics of electrochemical potentials and how they are applied in batteries or electrolysis. This series of articles and corresponding experiment aims to provide an introduction to electrochemical experiments. This series in particular is meant to facilitate a transition from what is taught in most schools and the slightly more advanced level of potentiostatic experiments.

This experiment can be used to get to know the device or as a starting point in a series of lessons about electrochemistry. Because galvanization for depositing metals or other protective layers is a widely used technique in industry as wellsome basic knowledge of this important process should be gained


The experiment and its discussion should teach: 

  • A general idea about corrosion protection 
  • How can the different standard potentials be exploited for metal deposition? 
  • How do electrodeposition paints work? 
  • How does electrogravimetry work? 

Copper and Nickel Deposition

The following pages will give you an introduction to corrosion protection and electrogravimetry, and finally a PDF of the experiment which you can print and perform yourself!  

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